School Resource Officers

The Middletown Township Police Department has three School Resource Officers.  Officer Drew Amoroso is assigned to Neshaminy High School a 2,500 student high school, which keeps him very busy. Officers Melissa Robison and Dan Heyduk are assigned to both middle schools and the elementary schools. They handle various types of calls while at the school, but also strives to build relationships with the school community. Ofcs. Amoroso, Heyduk and  Robison are certified by the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) and the ALICE organization which teaches how to respond to active shooter incidents. Throughout the school year the SRO’s are invited into the classrooms to assist in teaching various blocks of instruction, everything from health class to criminal law. Officer Robison is currently teaching D.A.R.E. at two private schools in the area. Rarely does the SRO’s day end when that final bell rings – so if you are a local teacher in the community and would like to have one of our Officers visit your school, send an email to